"When we opened our two bakeries, we looked for an affordable VoIP solution that would give us the features and flexibility that we needed to communicate with our customers and between our two locations. ACDC’s VoIP solution offered all of that and also differed from other solutions by offering features that you had to pay extra for from other VoIP service providers.

Additionally, ACDC’s technical support team has always been available to resolve any issues that we’ve experienced over the years. our VoIP solution is one we rely on every day, so having a great server provider
makes all of the difference when managing your small business"

Testimonial 2

Bill Kupiec
Kupcakes & Co.

"By switching from our existing PRI phone system to an ACDC hosted, SIP based solution, we were able to save 60% on our yearly telecom related costs.

Setting up an ACDC phone can be as simple as plugging it in, anywhere you need to work. This gives our users a ton of flexibility!"

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Testimonial 1

Ed Hirschmugl
Information Technology Manager
Carnegie Science // Dept. of Embryology