With a Hosted Solution enjoy a plethora of diverse features and capabilities, while saving BIG on the cost.
Hosted solution decentralizes your Voice Capabilities-
Don’t have an office, but have serval partners or employees that work from home or on the road – Hosted solution keeps you connected desktop to desktop all the while providing the a feature rich capabilities of a business system such as; presence, desktop to desktop calling, transferring, 3 way conferencing or large conferences, Voice Mail, and auto attendant to mention a few.
Want more versatility?
Upload the SIP Client on your Smart Phone and through Hosted solutions all of your calls will provide the Office number and not your cell number. Download the app on your cell phone and all calls go through numbers you own and are directed to them or redirect as needed. 
Keeping control of desk number as well as the number that reaches their cell phone- allowing you to keep complete ownership of your clients.Make the change- enjoy the most up to date technology, while paying less than you are now!

With Hosted solution there are no large upfront costs.

We use money you already spend for the dial tone to pay for the monthly services- in many cases saving you over 20% a month.
Options to lease or buy your phones- providing flexibility that can be customized to your telecommunications needs.
With our Hosted solution you do not need to incur cost for system upgrades or maintenance of a system typically incurred with a system onsite.

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About Hosted Solutions

Our Hosted Solution is a cloud based solution built on Amazon's AWS platform, ensuring a solid solution.

With our Hosted Solution, technology becomes flexible to your lifestyle.

Need to switch your number from your office phone to your laptop, or cell phone? No problem! You can work from home, your office, your laptop, your cell phone- all at the touch of a button, providing you with the ability to customize our solution to your needs.

Get a free quote today to see how we can use the money you already spend to pay for a Hosted Solution, providing big savings with up to date technology.

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About Hosted Solutions