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Audio Conferencing

Tadiran's feature-rich and easy to use audio conferencing solution is a comprehensive collaboration tool that allows both business partners and colleagues to interact in an efficient manner. It allows users to host and share web and desktop conferences with chat and whiteboard capabilities. Enhanced voice conferencing capabilities makes collaborating with colleagues easy.

Easy to configure and maintain, administrators and moderators can quickly set up and run sessions, boasting company efficiency and productivity with:

  • Up to 500 participants in conferencing session
  • Multiple concurrent active conference bridges
  • Voice bridges with multiple codecs and endpoints support
  • Desktop sharing - share documents, computer desktop, or co-browse the Web
  • Presentation sharing - upload Office documents, pictures, and PDF files to reduce edit time
  • White boarding - create visuals for brainstorming sessions
  • Chat room - moderators can respond to questions publicly / privately
  • Multiple presenters - other participants can take charge of sessions
  • Voice Recording - available for playback at any time, on any computer
  • Email clients integration with iCalendar file to submit invitations to a meeting participant

Key benefits:

  • SIP based solution (complies with RFC3261)
  • Multiple audio participants per audio conference bridge (according to license)
  • Multiple concurrent active conference bridges
  • Meeting scheduling using iCAL file (compatible with Outlook and Lotus)
  • Comprehensive collaboration including Desktop Sharing, White Board, document sharing and more.
  • Enhanced Management (dozens of features configurable via the GUI) & Moderation via Web or phone via DTMF
  • Multiple language support
  • IVR prompts
  • Silent monitor feature can be easily set up by the  administrator to monitor specific calls